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BUITEMS Facilitation Center

BUITEMS Facilitation Center

Our Services

The BUITEMS Facilitation Center is dedicated to help Faculty and Students by swiftly responding, answering and resolving their; problems, inquiries and assistance on academic and non-academic related issues.

Mentioned below are the services to be provided by BUITEMS Facilitation Center.

1. Receives and provides detailed information to students regarding academic regulations, student records, programs, scholarship, calendars and examinations.

2. Maintains adequate records of complaints and ensures all queries are dealt with punctually

3. Responsible for updating the concerned department/office about pending issues and to inform students of all resolved outcomes

4. Demonstrates up-to-date knowledge of current policies, procedures and regulations and provides students with documents and complaint form when required.

5. Receiving of Faculty / Student applications for academic as well as non-academic issues

6. Provision of Academic certificates related matters

7. Information/Query center for faculty & students

8. Liaison with the guardians/parents in case of emergencies

9. Facilitation in clearance, transcript and degree issuance of graduates.

10. Student Fee issues

11. Exam Entry Coupon Issuance matters

12. Student Refunds issues

13. Scholarships matters

14. Disciplinary matters

15. Interdepartmental Coordination & Cooperation issues

16. Peer to Peer support & Grievance Resolution

17. Others as may arise