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BUITEMS Facilitation Center

BUITEMS Facilitation Center


The BUITEMS Facilitation Center is a friendly place to start for questions you may have, about any academic and non academic issue. Student & faculty affairs staff can help resolve your queries and issues timely and more efficiently. Faculty and students can freely call, email or make an appointment with a member of the staff to get the information and assistance they need.

The Facilitation Center at BUITEMS is proposed to be established to providing counseling & support services, with professionalism, creativity and collaborative spirit. Full-time facilitators and support staff, with the help of professional facilitators and volunteer student, will be available to facilitate all students and faculty affairs within due course of time.

It has been witnessed that faculty and students state their grievances to the concerned department/office and their issues are not dealt with in a timely fashion. Hence, they get a sense of disappointed as they feel that their grievances are not taken seriously or considered at all. However, taking a closer look at the situation, it was found that students were submitting their grievances to irrelevant officer/officials or their applications were lost in delivery and a heavy workload resulted in delays of solving these issues.

It is proposed that a Facilitation Center be established in both campuses of the University, the purpose of a help desk is usually to resolve the problems, provide guidance/information to the students and faculty with respect to their issues (i.e. Academic issues, scholarships & examinations etc.). They will be able to submit their complaints/enquiries about any academic issue they face and would be sent directly to the concerned officer/office.


To provide a one window solution to Faculty & Student Affairs to deals with their queries and problems and offer effective solutions.


The Facilitation Center at BUITEMS will become a national leader in the use of facilitation.

Core Value

BUITEMS Facilitation center has a commitment to:

• High Quality Facilitation Service
• Accessible Service
• Commitment
• Empowerment