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Faculty of Life Sciences & Informatics

Faculty of Life Sciences & Informatics

"To share the global community integrating life sciences with technology of other sciences for betterment of life"


Biotechnical approaches in microbial, plant and animal sciences are the hope for human kind in the 21 century. With the help of Bioinformatics, Biotechnology researchers are vigorously exploring the boundaries of science to benefit mankind by finding remedies for diseases, increasing food production and protecting the ecology and environment.

Our mission is to produce well-trained young scientists with theoretical knowledge, technical skills, and experience for understanding developments in the rapidly evolving field of Biotechnology and Informatics, Microbiology & Pathalogy and Plant Sciences & Informatics.


  • Study of cellular, molecular and chemical mechanisms of life.
  • Learning the unanimity of diversified life at chemical, molecular and cellular levels and understanding the mechanisms contributing in diversity in structures and functions in organisms.
  •  Application of the acquired knowledge of technological procedures in agriculture,health,industry & environment.
  •  Skills in understanding, sorting and identifying massive chemical and molecular information of living organisms obtained thorough researches.
  •  Understanding the concepts in use of bioinformatics for biotechnological procedures in agriculture, health, industry and environment.
  •  Know how of use of global network of biotechnology and bioinformatics.
  •  To adapt multidisciplinary approach as to equip the students withmultidisciplinary career opportunities.