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Department of Sociology

Established in 2015, the department of sociology embarked upon its academic journey in the scientific arena. Having observed the need and demand for this discipline, BUITEMS started four years BS-Sociology, benchmarked with the top-notch universities of the world. In harmony with the contemporary trends in academia and industry, we adopted semester scheme to impart firsthand knowledge to the students and train them to play their vital part in the socio-economic uplift of the region in particular and the world in general.

The horizon of sociology is very broad both in knowledge and practice. It is a diverse field of study of human behavior and the structure and function of human society. Sociologists are concerned with understanding various social institutions within the social structure such as family, economy, politics, religion, social class, race and culture etc. through sociological lens by applying various theoretical and research paradigms.

After the technological revolution, we consider it indispensable for our students to decipher the change in global sensibility. With regard to such a transition, the Department of Sociology offers indigenous and cosmopolitan knowledge combined with a variety of sociological perspectives to enriching their insights about the changes in the social trends locally and globally. The department also aims at introducing the students to the significant social problems of contemporary period and help them adopt and develop practical approaches to their solutions.

We hope to develop a research culture with the ultimate goal to fill the research gap especially in the province of Balochistan. The students are not only offered comprehensive courses in sociological research but also given technical research training which  later be applied during fieldwork. Students are also provided opportunities for internship, visiting different social organizations, running social campaigns, and opportunities to interact with professional sociologists.

Briefly, linking students with the industry is one of the core objectives of our department. For this purpose, we prepare the students for job market and global knowledge industry. The graduates, later in the course of their study choose to pursue their careers in different government and private sectors including public health, education, corporate and media industry, legal and political institutions, NGOs or work as independent entrepreneurs. 


The mission of Sociology Department is to equip the students with a wide variety of knowledge and skills that enable them to play their role in different organizations as capable graduates.


  • Providing a detailed insight to the students about the sociological theories and research methods
  • Imparting knowledge about the sociological paradigms to the students to critically analyze the social structure and the shifts taking place in the social milieu with the changing circumstances in the future ahead
  • Helping students gain a variety of knowledge about the cultural practices of the diverse societies across the world that will consequently promote cross-cultural synergy
  • Applying scientific techniques to enable students to examine social problems and suggest appropriate solutions to them
  • Providing students with a sociological knowledge to adapt themselves to the changing circumstances which in turn will enable them to maintain cohesion in a more complex and multicultural setup
  • Equipping students with knowledge and techniques to compete in both national and international job market

Admission Policy

The candidate seeking admission to BS (Sociology) must meet the following eligibility criteria;
  • Intermediate or equivalent with at least 45% marks in aggregate
  • Qualifying aptitude test and/or interview with at least desirable percentage as decided by the Admission Committee.
  • The entire duration of BS (Sociology) shall be of four years, equally divided into eight semesters
  • First four semesters are Foundation Courses comprising of 66 credit hours. And the succeeding four semesters entail the Core Courses having 67 credit hours
  • Each semester will be of 16 weeks



Chairperson (Sociology)
Room No: SSA-06,
Sir Syed block
Takatu campus.

UAN: 081-111-717-111, Ext: 787

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Courses for BS (Sociology)

S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre- requisites
1 HUM HUM-104 Introduction to Sociology 3  
2 CS CS-118 Introduction to Computer Sciences 2+1  
3 HUM HUM-172 Functional English 3  
4 HUM HUM-102 Pakistan  Studies (Compulsory) 2  
5 HUM HUM-369 Logic and Critical Thinking 3  
Total 14  
S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre- requisites
1 HUM HUM-238 Social Psychology 3  
2 SOC SOC-116 Social Thought 3  
3 HUM HUM-285 Functional English-II 3 HUM-172
4 ENVIRON ENVIRON-101 Introduction to Environmental Science 3  
5 LAW LAW-204 Introduction to Law 2  
6 HUM HUM-101 Islamic Studies/ Ethics 2  
Total 16  
S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre- requisites
1 SOC SOC-117 Classical Sociological Theory 3  
2 HUM HUM-265 Technical Writing and Presentation Skills 3  
3 HUM HUM-268 Communication Skills 3 HUM-172 / 285
4 HUM HUM-212 Introduction to Political Science 3  
5 MC MC-112 Introduction to Mass Communication 3  
6 MATHP MATHP-102 Elementary Mathematics and Statistics 3  
Total 18  
S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre- requisites
1 STAT STAT-210 Social Statistics 3  
2 SOC SOC-331 Introduction to Population Studies 3  
3 SOC SOC-231 Contemporary Sociological Theory 3  
4 ECON ECON-106 Principles of Economics 3  
5 HUM HUM-111 Introduction to International Relations 3  
6 HUM HUM-213 Pakistan Studies and Culture 3  
Total 18  
S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre- requisites
1 SOC SOC-346 Crimnology 3  
2 SOC SOC-318 Sociology of Religion 3  
3 SOC SOC-347 Sociology of Education 3  
4 SOC SOC-348 Introduction to Gender Studies 3  
5 SOC SOC-232 Sociology of Development 3  
6 SOC SOC-349 Social & Cultural Anthropolgy 3  
Total 18  
S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre- requisites
1 SOC SOC-233/234 Elective* 3  
2 SOC SOC-233 Sociology of Globalization 3  
3 HUM HUM-415 Conflict Resolution 3  
4 SOC SOC-350 Methods of Social Research 3  
5 SOC SOC-351 Comparative Social Institutions 3  
Total 15  
S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre- requisites
1 SOC SOC-431 Sociology of Law and Human Rights 3 LAW-204
2 RES RES-403 Qualitative Research Methods 2 SOC-350
3 RES RES-404 Quatitative Research Methods 2 SOC-305
4 SOC SOC-353 Introduction to Social Work 3  
5 SOC SOC-446 Research Project -I 3  
6 MGMT MGMT-304 Organizational Behavior 3  
Total 16  
S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre- requisites
1 SOC SOC_354 Community Development 3 LAW-204
2 SOC SOC-447 Research Project -II 2 SOC-350
3 MGMT MGMT-402 Project Planning and Management 2 SOC-305
4 SOC SOC-448 Social Policy 3  
5 SOC SOC-432 Social Change and Economic Development 3  
Total 15  
Program Credit Hours 133 Total
(Foundation Courses + Core Courses)