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Department of Mass Communications

The Department of Mass Communication was instituted by BUITEMS in recognition of the critical role of the media and entertainment industries in shaping societal values and cultural life.

The establishment of Department of Mass Communication in 2010 is informed by the aspiration to train professionals who will uphold the highest intellectual, ethical and professional values that promote creativity, critical knowledge, technical perfection, social responsibility, and the spirit of the enterprise.

The Department boasts high-level, equipped production facilities, with computer labs, television and radio equipment.

The Department offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program in Mass Communication. However, three batches of students have been passed out till date and are serving in renowned News & Entertainment Channels, News & Advertising Agencies, FM Radios stations, Media Houses and PEMRA. While currently the number of enrolled students in the department is 115.


The mission of the Department of Mass Communication at BUITEMS is to provide excellence in education on fundamental concepts, values and skills in Media and Communication that focuses on advanced Reporting, Technical writing, critical thinking, innovation and communication. We also promote an understanding of ethical and legal implications of media, the importance of cultural, intellectual diversity, peace building measures and social responsibility of students for accelerating and polishing the latent leadership qualities in the field of Media and Journalism.


The Department of Mass Communication is ambitious to become the trendsetter in modern Media practices in the world. The department is striving to bridge the gap between academia and media industry and aims at providing a platform to merge them into a dynamic professional entity.


• To provide basic and advanced concepts and needs of the field reporting, Editing, print & electronic media productions, along with ethical, physical and psychological safety dimension of the journalism arena.

• To transfer the accurate ethical standards of journalism as fundamental practice in media field for seeking truth by averting all risk factors during turbulent and tranquil circumstances.

• News media studies can span community boundaries by stabilizing magnet to help the community to work together.

• To provide the understanding of true journalism wide range practices designed to give news organizations greater insights into the communities and issues they cover with the purpose to serve in the best interests of masses.

• To enlighten and enable the students to analyze events with proper perspective and understand national & international affairs.

• To learn basics & modern of writing capabilities for print, electronic and digital media with news gathering techniques.

• To accelerate public relation and advertising activities that bring out student’s problem-solving approach and creativity in positive message construction.

• Excellence in teaching, research and creative activity, service and support activities

• Creating and disseminating new knowledge and creative expression

• Preparing individuals for leadership, professions, citizenship, and lifelong learning

• An environment of mutual respect and collaboration.

Admission Policy

The candidate seeking admission to BS (Mass Communication) must meet the following eligibility criteria;
  • Intermediate or equivalent with at least 45% marks in aggregate
  • Qualifying aptitude test and/or interview with at least desirable percentage as decided by the Admission Committee.
  • The entire duration of BS (Mass Communication) shall be of four years, equally divided into eight semesters


Sumera Zakir

Chairperson (Mass Communication)
Room No: SSA-,
Sir Syed block
Takatu campus.

UAN: 081-111-717-111, Ext: 802

Courses for BS (Mass Communication)

S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre- requisites
1 MC MC-111 Introduction to Mass Communication 3  
2 MC MC-101 Media & Society In Pakistan 3  
3 HUM HUM-161 Functional English 3  
4 CS CS-108 Computer Skills 2+1  
5 HUM HUM134 Introduction to Psychology 3  
6 HUM HUM-101/112 Islamic Studies/Ethics 3  
Total 18  
1 MC MC-211 Introduction to Public Relations 3  
2 MC MC-426 Introduction to Social Media 3  
3 HUM HUM-268 Communication Skills 3  
4 HUM HUM-102 Pakistan Studies 3  
5 MATH MATHp-102 Elementary Mathematics & Statistics 3  
6 HUM HUM- Introduction to Political Science 3  
Total 18  
1 MC MC-211 Theories of Mass Communication-I 3  
2 MC MC-426 Media Writing 2+1   
3 HUM HUM-268 Technical Writing & Presentation Skills 3  
4 HUM HUM-102 Introduction to Sociology 3  
5 MC MC-341 Functional Urdu 3  
6 MC MC-331 National and International Affairs 3  
Total 18  
1 MC MC-243 Reporting 3  
2 MC MC-334 Theories of Mass Communication-II 3  
3 HUM HUM-202 Public Administration & Society 3  
4 ECON ECON-203 Economics 3  
5 MC MC-493 Development Communication 3  
6 MC MC-202 Mass Media in Balochistan 3  
Total 18  
1 MC MC-211 Radio news reporting 3  
2 MC MC-426 Online Journalism 2+1  
3 MC HUM-268 Photo Journalism 2+1  
4 HUM HUM-102 Gender and Development Studies 3  
5 MC MC-464 Advertising I 3  
Total 15  
1 MC MC-211 TV journalism 3  
2 MC MC-426 Internship 3  
3 MC HUM-268 Media laws and ethics 3
4 HUM HUM-102 Sub editing and Page Designing 2+1  
5 MC MC-464 Magazine Production 2+1  
Total 15  
1 MC MC- Research Methodology (Proposal Writing) 3  
2 MC MC- Globalization & World Media 3  
3 MC MC-381 Media organization structure 3
4 MC MC- Elective 3  
5 MC MC- Elective 3
Total 15  
1 MC MC-337 Media and Human Rights 3  
2 MC MC-431 Peace journalism 3  
3 MC MC Elective 3
4 MC RES-480 Research Report/ Thesis/ Project 3  
5 MC MC- Elective 3
Total 15  
Total CREDIT HOURS 132  
Elective courses
1 MC MC-452 Social Media & Journalism 3  
2 MC MC-453 Social Media Production 3  
3 MC MC-454 Social media Strategy & Marketing 3
4 MC MC-455 Social Media Project 3  
5 MC MC-481 Advertising-I 3
6 MC MC-482 Public Relation-I 3  
7 MC MC-483 Advertising-II 3  
8 MC MC-484 Public Relation-II 3  
9 MC MC-471 Radio News Reporting & Production 3
10 MC MC-472 TV News Reporting & Production 3  
11 MC MC-473 Radio Program Production 3
12 MC MC-474 TV Program Production 3  
13 MC MC-437 Advance Radio Journalism 3  
14 MC MC- Research Project –I 3  
15 MC MC- Research Project –II 3
16 MC MC-461 Advance Reporting 3  
18 MC MC-462 Newspaper Management & Production 3
19 MC MC-463 Advanced Sub-Editing 3  
20 MC MC-464 Magazine Production/Publication project 3
21 MC MC-493 Development Communication & social Change 3  
22 MC MC-491 Development Journalism 3  
23 MC MC-492 Rural & Urban Sociology 3  
24 MC MC-494 Advocacy & DCS Campaigns (Practicum) 3  
Program Credit Hours 133 Total
(Foundation Courses + Core Courses)