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Department of International Relations


The department of International Relations at BUITEMS was established as a discipline in the Social Sciences department in 2006. It achieved a milestone by gaining the status of separate department in 2016 .The department of International Relations has designed courses catering to the needs of students through BS and MS Programs. The programs aim to provide theoretical understanding of the working of the International Political system, institutions and policy making.  


The department of International Relations aims to foster real world theoretical and professional skills in the scholars and practitioners of international relations in order to enable them to understand the intricacies of real world politics and to make a difference through their much needed research and policy contributions.


The department of International Relations aims to be among the top institutions of higher learning and research in the world by focusing on quality research, policy debate, knowledge sharing and regional and international cooperation.


The pace of fast changing international and domestic environment has increased the importance of International Relations manifold. International Relations equip its students with all the necessary tools of knowledge and skill by re-visiting history, analyzing the present and exploring the future. It prepares and opens mind to new theories and their practical applications to whole range of different societal problems. The students who take up International Relations have greater chances of attaining scholarships and pursuing their careers in international and national institutions. Potential destinations include the national diplomatic services, international organizations, multinational companies, NGOs, Think Tanks. In their search for a job, graduates will be supported by a career service and by seminars on job search methods and tools.

Admission Criteria

BS Admission:
Intermediate from any recognized board or equivalent with at least 45% marks and entry test conducted by NTS.

MS Admission:
16 years education from any HEC recognized institution in International Relations, Political Science and Defense and Strategic Studies and entry test conducted by NTS.


BS International Relations
MS International Relations


Mr. Abdul Wadood

Incharge Chairperson (International Relations)
Room No. SSA-162,
2nd Floor,
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Block
Takatu campus.

UAN: 081-111-717-111, Ext: 808

Courses for BS (IR)

S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
1 HUM HUM-161 Foundation of English-I 3  
2 HUM HUM-101 Islamic Studies (Compulsory) 2  
3 HUM HUM-111 Introdution to International Relations 3  
4 Pol. Sc. POLS-101 Introduction to Political Sciences 3  
5 HUM HUM-104 Introduction to Sociology 3  
Total 14  
1 HUM HUM-261 Foundation of Englisgh-II 3 HUM-161
2 CS CS-103 Fundamentals of Computer 3  
3 Pol. Sc. POLS-201 Comparative and Developmental Politics 3  
4 IR IR-211 Globalization and International Relations 3  
5 HUM HUM-136 ntroduction to Psychology 3  
Total 14  
1 HUM HUM-285 Logic and Reasoning 3  
2 HUM HUM-102 Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) 2  
3 IR IR-339 Diplomatic History of IR, 1648 – 1945 3  
4 Pol. Sc. POLS-301 Political Thought 3  
5 MATHP MATHp-102 Elementary Mathematics & Statistics 3  
6 HUM HUM-268 Communication Skills 3  
Total 17  
1 HUM HUM-361 Critical Reading 3  
2 ECON ECON-106 Introduction to Economics 3  
3 IR IR-340 Diplomatic History of IR Since 1945 3  
4 IR IR-311 Geo-Political Structure of the World 3  
5 HUM HUM-202 Public Administration & Society 3  
6 Pol. Sc. POLS-302 Constitutional Development in Pakistan 3  
Total 18  
1 IR IR-412 Theories of IR 3  
2 HUM HUM-412 Foreign Policy Analysis 3  
3 IR IR-446 Islam & IR 3  
4 HM HUM-414 International Organizations 3  
5 IR IR-491 Conflict Management and Resolution 3  
Total 15  
1 IR IR-411 IR in the New Millennium 3  
2 HUM HUM-417 Foreign Policy of Pakistan 3 HUM-412
3 HUM HUM-418 International Political Economy 3  
4 HUM HUM-419 Defense & Strategic Studies 3  
5 HUM HUM-421 Peace Studies 3  
6 Research HUM-202 Research Methodology I 3  
Total 18  
1 HUM HUM-422 International Law – I 3  
2 HUM HUM-423 Diplomacy: Theory & Practice 3  
3 HUM HUM-424 Politics, Economy & Foreign Relations of South Asia 3  
4 HUM HUM-425 Foreign Policy of Major Powers: USA, Russia & China 3  
5 HUM HUM-203 Research Methodology II 3  
6 HUM HUM-432 International Politics of Environment 3  
Total 18  
1 HUM HUM-427 International law – II 3 HUM-422
2 HUM HUM-428 Human Rights in International Relations  
3 HUM HUM-429 Arms Control and Disarmament 3  
4 HUM HUM-430 Politics, Economy & Foreign Relations of Middle East/Central Asia Since 1945 3  
5 HUM HUM-431 Research Project 3  
Total 15  
Program Credit Hours 130 Total

Courses for MS (IR)

S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisites
1 IR IR-601 International Relations: Advanced Theory and Practice (Core Course) 4  
2 Research RES-609 Advanced Research Methodology (Core Course) 4  
3 IR IR-646 Seminar on Contemporary Regional and Global Issues (Core Course) 4  
Total 12  
1 IR   Elective-I 3  
2 IR   Elective-II 3  
3 IR   Elective-III 3  
4 IR   Elective-IV 3  
Total 12  
Semester-II & IV
1 Dissert. DISS-602 Thesis 6  
Total 6  
Program Credit Hours 30 Total
Elective courses , MS (IR)
S.No. Subject Area Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours Semester
1 IR IR-602 Contemporary Political Theories 3 2
2 IR IR-616 International Law and Use of Force 3 2
3 IR IR-617 Contemporary Trends in International Law 3 2
4 IR IR-631 Contemp Analysis of Foreign Policy of Major Powers 3 2
5 IR IR-632 Foreign Policy Analysis 3 2
6 IR IR-633 An Analysis of Pakistan's Foreign Policy 3 2
7 IR IR-647 National Security Issues in Contemp. Pakistan 3 2
8 IR IR-648 Contemporary Environmental Issues 3 2
9 IR IR-649 Major Issues of Muslim World 3 2
10 IR IR-650 Contemporary Strategic Studies 3 2
11 IR IR-661 Politics of South Asia 3 2
12 IR IR-662 Politics of Middle East 3 2
13 IR IR-663 Politics and Security of Asia-Pacific Region 3 2
14 IR IR-664 Conflict and Cooperation in South Asia 3 2
15 IR IR-676 Role of International Financial Institutions in IR 3 2
16 IR IR-677 International Organizations 3 2
17 IR IR-691 Ethnic Conflict in Global Perspective 3 2
18 IR IR-692 Peace Building in Post-conflict Societies 3 2
19 IR IR-693 Power Sharing in Multiethnic States 3 2
20 IR IR-694 Arms Control and International Security 3 2
21 IR IR-695 Politics of Human Rights 3 2