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Department of English

The department of English was established in 2011 with an aim to provide students with an opportunity to gain prolific knowledge in the areas of linguistics and literature. Language is inherently loaded with meaning and to understand these meaning requires an inquisitive mind assisted by appropriate knowledge. The department of English aims at equipping the students with an interest in research, simultaneously introducing them to the aesthetics of literary studies.

The department of English also serves a pivotal role in the enhancement of proficiency in all four skills of students from all disciplines across the University. Our faculty provides auxiliary services to all disciplines.

Moreover, our faculty in constantly striving to produce pertinent, productive research both in language and literature.


The department of English has dedicated expertise and resources in advancement of instructional skills and research in theoretical and applied linguistics, and literature.


To be rated as an exceptional center of instruction and research in the fields of linguistics and literature.


The language sector offers immense scope of growth in the future. As the physical facilities increase, we intend to consolidate the Centre of Modern Languages, BUITEMS into a nucleus for study of various other languages which are vital to building up our relation with other nations of the world. Side by side with the strengthening of the teaching of the English language, we intend to introduce Arabic which would not only empower our youth to knock on more job opportunities in the Gulf and Middle East zones, but would also strengthen the ties of Islamic brotherhood. French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Bengali languages would gradually be introduced as essential part of the studies for any degree in Social Sciences. A well-equipped language laboratory would provide ample assistance in learning and practicing the languages.

Aims & Objectives

  •  To equip students with all four skills in the use of English language.
  •  To promote an understanding of the importance of language and the power it yields.
  •  To develop a culture of critical reading and critical thinking.
  •  To develop a taste in literature, inspiring a trend of writing.

Admission Policy

The candidate seeking admission to BS (English) must meet the following eligibility criteria;
  • Intermediate or equivalent with at least 45% marks in aggregate
  • Qualifying aptitude test and/or interview with at least desirable percentage as decided by the Admission Committee.
  • The entire duration of BS (English) shall be of four years, equally divided into eight semesters


Aqsa Maryam

Chairperson (English)
Room No: SSA-116,
Sir Syed block
Takatu campus.

UAN: 081-111-717-111, Ext: 812

Courses for BS (English)

S.No. Course Catalog Course Title Credit Hours
1 HUM-169 Introduction to Literature-I 3
2 HUM-273 Introduction to Linguistics 3
3 HUM-164 English-I 3
4 HUM-102 Pakistan Studies
5 HUM-272 Sociology 3
6 HUM-170 Introduction to Literary Terms 3
Total 18
1 HUM-275 History of English Literature 3
2 HUM-274 Phonetics and Phonology 3
3 HUM-261 English-II 3
4 HUM-101 Islamic Studies/Ethics 3
5 HUM-107 Introduction to Philosophy 3
6 HUM-171 Introduction to Literary Terms 3
Total 18
1 HUM-278 Introduction to Literature -II 3
2 HUM-376 Morphology and Syntax 3
3 HUM-362 English –III 3
4 HUM-238 Social Psychology 3
5 STAT-201 Elementary Mathematics & Statistics 3
6 CS-101 Introduction to Computers 3
Total 18
1 HUM-280 History of English Literature-II 3
2 HUM-279 Advanced Academic Reading and Writing 3
3 HUM-281 Semantics 3
4 HUM-305 Human Rights and Citizenship 3
5 HUM-203 Research Methodology 3
Total 15
1 HUM-282 Literary Criticism 3
2 HUM-491 World Englishes 3
3 HUM-283 Poetry (14th to 18th Century ) 3
4 HUM-374 Novel (18th& 19th Century) 3
5 HUM-383 Pedagogical Grammar 3
6 HUM-461 Sociolinguistics 3
Total 18
1 HUM-468 Literary Criticism and Theory 3
2 HUM-378 19th Century Poetry 3
3 HUM-377 Classics in Drama 3
4 HUM-475 Lexical Studies 2+1
5 HUM-375 Discourse Analysis 2+1
6 HUM-462 Psycholinguistics  
Total 15
1 HUM-379 20th Century Literature (Poetry and Drama) 3
2 HUM-476 American Literature 3
3 HUM-390 Language Teaching Methodologies 3
4 HUM-482 Research Methods in Linguistics 3
5   Elective 3
Total 15
1 HUM-484 20th Century Fiction 3
2 IT-422 Literary Stylistics 3
3 HUM-394 Syllabus Designing and Testing 3
4 HUM-488 Language, Culture and Identity 3
5 HUM- Research Project 3
Total 15