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Department of Environmental Management & Policy
BUITEMS is determined to improve environmental situation through acquisition, processing, development and dissemination of knowledge on sustainable environmental management. The program reflects concern about the state of the environment and the need to find sustainable solutions to the threats facing the environment with the approach of ‘Thinking Globally and Acting Locally’. The research and teaching is directed to generate potential technological, socio-political, legal and economic solutions to environmental problems using an interdisciplinary and participatory approach. This research shall be conducted both independently by the faculty and in collaboration with other government & non-governmental organizations.


The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) will focus on the development of environmental managers, to train them for future relevant strategic issue-handling and development of respective policies to achieve the improvement in the environmental protection of this region.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide insight into the causes, nature and consequences of pollution and deterioration of natural environment (soil, water and air); and their effects on living organisms.
  • To develop an in-depth understanding on the cross-cutting, interrelated, interconnected and interdependent nature of environmental issues.
  • To improve the quality of students' vision with the support of scientific and procedures.
  • To provide students with an opportunity to apply and enhance their knowledge and skills acquired in the study of particular environmental problem and related issues through case studies and practical assignments.
  • To enhance students ability to identify possible mitigation strategies, decision-making skills to device implementation policies for sustainable environmental management.

Course Contents for MS Program

S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Theory + LAB
1 Envrion-602 Urban Environmental Management 2+0
2 Envrion-501 Principles of Environmental Sciences 3+0
3 ECON-605 Environmental Economics 3+0
4 CS-101 Introduction to Computers 3+0
5 Envrion-603 Environmental Policy and Law 3+0
Total  14
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Theory + LAB
1 Res-503 Research Methods and Techniques 3+0
2 Envrion-601 Disaster Management 3+0
3 Envrion-502 Water and Sanitation 3+0
Total  9
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Theory + LAB
1 Envrion-604 Solid Waste Management 3+0
2 Envrion-605 Energy and Environment 3+0
3 Envrion-606 Environmental Monitoring and Pollution Control Standards 3+0
Total  9
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Theory + LAB
1 Envrion-614 MS Thesis 3+0
Total  3

Course Contents for PhD Program

Optional Specialized Courses (PhD EMP)

S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Theory + LAB
1 STAT-404 Statistical Inference 3+0
2 Envrion-701 Environmental Health 3+0
3 Envrion-607 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Procedures 3+0
4 Envrion-703 Integrated Water Resource Management 3+0
5 Envrion-609 Environmental Education 3+0
6 Envrion-610 Gender and Environmental Management 3+0
7 Envrion-608 Environmental Geology 3+0
8 IT-601 GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and Remote Sensing for Environmental Management 3+0
10 Envion-704 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology 3+0
11 Envrion-611 Wastewater Management 3+0
12 Envrion-612 Urban Transportation and Environment 3+0
13 Envrion-613 Natural Resource Conservation 3+0
14 THESIS-801 PhD Dissertation 3+0